No matter where
and what the depth is

  • hydroelectric reservoirs maintenance
  • divers, maritime inspections, underwater inspections
  • floating barriers installations,
  • underwater works, Sub Sea Services snc Civitavecchia
  • Manta Ray, Civitavecchia

Carrying out underwater projects since 1995

Sub Sea Service, Civitavecchia, North Rome, Rome

Sub Sea Services was founded in 1995 and operates in Civitavecchia, Italy.

We are a company that operates both in the maritime underwater sector in general and in the works carried out at high altitude.

Our company complies with the international regulations governing professional underwater activities and is now a member of UNI, following its invitation, with the aim to improve the safety regulations in conjunction with other equivalent large entities of the diving industry

Over the years, we have been "deeply" committed and actively involved in underwater projects in the industrial, commercial and scientific sector.


The company is able to offer a variety of specialised services, including interventions in dams and power plants at high altitude with and without the presence of ice and/or snow fields.

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