Ship Maintenance

Careenages, Removal Cleaning and Replacing of propellers also on floating vessels

Sub Sea Service in Civitavecchia, Rome, boasts twenty years of experience in the field of ship maintenance. Throughout this time, it has had the pleasure of providing both commercial shipping and port services.

The staff always offers a meticulous and highly-qualified service.

Each dig needing repair or maintenance is photographed and photo-documented by the diver using digital devices, with digital images taken before and after the operations to allow the creation of a photo archive for each hull.

The photographic archive allows the ship owner to effectuate an inspection on the work carried out and, in case of sale and transfer of the ship, it serves as an official document attesting to the exact state of the hull. The photographs thus represent valid documentation also for evaluating the maintenance carried out over time.

Sub Sea Service also compiles a detailed technical report on the services performed.

In addition, the company in Civitavecchia specialises in careenage, propeller removal, cleaning and replacing, hull cleaning and general maintenance also for floating ships.

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