The avant-garde equipment of SUB SEA SERVICE

SUB SEA SERVICE: Inshore, onshore, offshore commercial diving & ocean industry

Sub Sea Service, Civitavecchia

Sub Sea Service was founded in 1985 in Civitavecchia and immediately become the undisputed leader in underwater marine and sub-sea activities generally.

Sub Sea Service is able to provide a wide range of specialised services, thanks also to the highly-qualified and trained staff, as well as due to the latest generation equipment used by its technicians.

In particular it is able to effectuate:

  • General underwater and port works
  • Photographic Surveys
  • Underwater filming for classification authorities
  • Inspections with tether-guided vehicles (ROVs)
  • General laying of pipelines
  • General maintenance and repair of pipelines and terminals
  • Levelling
  • Construction, repair and maintenance of fixed docks
  • Structural cleaning with underwater blasting
  • Underwater cementing and plastification with two-component epoxy resin
  • Systematic search and recovery
  • Floating ship careenage
  • Maintenance and replacement of axles, bushings and motor-yacht and sailing-yacht propellers
  • Installation and maintenance of floating docks
  • Design, installation and maintenance of catenary mooring
  • Laying of mooring posts
  • Demolition and earthworks
  • Oxy-electric cutting
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of power plants and dams
  • Research and study activities in the field of marine biology
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