Rigid Helmet: KIRBY MORGAN REX77

Kirby Morgan Rex

Our divers are equipped with KIRBY MORGAN REX77 hard helmets. The Rex 77 is a hard diving helmet completely made in wearable 316 steel.

The helmet used by SUB SERVICE SEA is CE certified according to applicable regulations under EN250:2000 - A1:2006 - EN15333:2008.

This type of diving helmet is equipped with a dedicated umbilical hose from 100 m, complete with passages for gas, communications, pneumo, power supply for light, vaco and coaxial, and camera cords.

The cameras installed on this type of helmet are mini chamber UWC 325/P in colour by Outland Technology (CCD 379000 Pixel, Sensivitity of 0.01 Lux, 480 line horizontal resolution) that allow the capturing of pictures and filming underwater.

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