Manta Ray Earth Anchor Systems

Authorised dealers and installers for LAZIO

Manta Ray Eath Anchor System, Eco-friendly anchorage systems

Sub Sea Service is the dealer of compatible anchoring systems for Lazio and Italy. Under the concession of "Comated Edilizia", it is the exclusive authorised reseller and installer of MANTA RAY anchors throughout the Lazio region.

Eco-Compatible Anchoring Systems

Installation techniques

The eco-friendly anchors are an excellent replacement for conventional anchor systems, having concrete mooring post.

MANTA RAY anchors, offered exclusively in Lazio by Sub Sea Service, have the advantage of being able to be installed on any type of base without causing any damage nor spoiling the underwater environment. Manta Rays are useful where there are posidonia oceanica prairies that have suffered heavy damage over time caused by traditional anchors.

This type of eco-friendly anchor is designed to be placed at an appropriate depth using hydraulic equipment. Once positioned, the Manta Ray becomes a secure and permanent ancorage.


The installation of the ECO-Compatible anchors occurs by embedding through the hydraulic equipment: the anchor is gently pushed into the ground through a guiding rod that is responsible for taking it to operational depths without spoiling the terrain. The guiding rod is subjected to traction to ensure its watertight seal.

Advantages and applications

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The utilisation of the Manta Ray does not lead to any environmental impact due to the lack of presence of cement.

Unlike other conventional systems, the MANTA RAY involves a quick instillation and does not require digging that could spoil the marine environment. Even if they are eco-sustainable, the Manta Ray anchors demonstrate a great long-term holding capacity and are suitable for any type of bed.

Their applications:

  • Anchors for signalling buoys
  • Anchors for mooring buoys
  • Anchors for docks
  • Underwater pipeline fastening
  • Retaining sea cliffs
  • Retaining rockfall barriers
  • Retaining seabed geogrid
  • Anchorage of tensile structures
  • Anchoring of long shafts
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