Underwater demolition systems

innovative systems not requiring any on-site explosives

Underwater demolition system, demolition without explosives

Sub Sea Service in Civitavecchia, Rome, uses underwater demolition systems without availing of on-site explosives.

The Underwater Demolition system utilised by Sub Sea Service is quick and cost effective.

The cartridge is inserted inside a shutter to generate, upon being activated, a pressure wave able to split the boulder without expelling rock fragments.

These underwater demolition systems are useful for a number of work types, including:

  • Digging ditches
  • Demolition of rocks and reinforced concrete
  • Underwater excavations without damage to ecosystems
  • Cutting and squaring of block and cylinder banks
  • Demolitions of "boulders" and erratic isolated masses
  • Agricultural and forest works
  • Assistance in operations effectuated by the Civil Protection services
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