Our Activities

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Sub Sea Services carries out underwater and port works with the utmost professionalism.

Thanks to the teams of professional divers, the company performs a range of services, including:

  • Visual inspections for appraisals and audit assistance

  • Maintenance and repairs of pipelines and terminals in general

  • General underwater and port works

  • Photographic Surveys

  • Underwater filming for classification authorities

  • Inspections with tether-guided vehicles (ROVs)

  • General laying of pipelines

  • General maintenance and repair of pipelines and terminals

  • Levelling

  • Construction, repair and maintenance of fixed docks

  • Structural cleaning with underwater blasting

  • Underwater cementing and plastification with two-component epoxy resin

  • Systematic search and recovery

  • Floating ship careenage

  • Maintenance and replacement of axles, bushings and motor-yacht and sailing-yacht propellers

  • Installation and maintenance of floating docks

  • Design, installation and maintenance of catenary mooring

  • Instillation works of mooring posts

  • Demolition and earthworks

  • Oxy-electric cutting

  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of power plants and dams

  • Research and study activities in the field of marine biology


Installation of floating barrier, Civitavecchia, Rome

The firm's specialist areas include:

  • construction, repair and maintenance of fixed piers and floating docks,
  • cleaning of underwater structures with sand-blasting and hydro-cavitation,
  • underwater cementing and plastification with two-component epoxy resins,
  • systematic research and recoveries,
  • floating ship careening,
  • survey activities with MBES, SSS, SBP, etc.

At the service of marine biology

ROV Service, underwater works, inspection and maintenance of underwater infrastructure, non-destructive diver checks, underwater archaeological diagnostics, ROV Service

Sub Sea Service has always undertaken both generic and specific study and research in marine biology.

It is able to effectuate chemical-physical observations and undertake direct analysis within specialised and accredited laboratories for the study and evaluation of the aqueous and sediment quality.

Almost all analyses can be carried out both in inland waters and in the open waters off the coast.

With the aid of the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), it is possible to collect samples to be analysed on the site itself, both at depths and in hard-to-reach channels.

SUB SEA SERVICE is able to make pre- and post- analysis assessments with surveys of marine biology directly on the marine location through on-site diving, which allows the research activities to be carried out on the population through the study of plankton and benthos. Wherever necessary, such research can be performed in accordance with the ICRAM research institute.

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